Greener Macbooks, Why is it cost effective to send my Mac to Mac Repair Bournemouth?

When you send your broken Mac to Apple themselves, they will not usually repair the broken board.  Instead, they will just replace the faulty board with another one.  Obviously it costs you a minor fortune to have Apple themselves replace a board, but Apple knows that you will pay.  You can not even negotiate with them, you can not ask them just to replace the faulty component, because it is their policy to replace the board.  Many times, this can mean multiple boards and the cost of sending your broken Mac directly to Apple themselves can quickly become uneconomical.

Apple benefits when your repair is uneconomical as it means you have to buy a new MacBook, so as you can see, it is not in their interest to keep your boards serviced.

Sending your Macbook to us for a Macbook Repair can save you hundreds of pounds.  We will fully service your board and bring it back to tip-top condition.  We do this by carefully examining and testing your board, using a high-powered microscope, and replacing any faulty components that need changing.

This takes a lot of experience but it reduces cost to you significantly, a MacBook that Apple would like you to trash and replace will often be far cheaper to have serviced and repaired.

Trash and replace vs service and repair.  The choice is simple for both the money conscious Macbook owner and the Green Macbook owner.

Greener MacBooks.

When your Macbook is repaired by your local Bournemouth Macbook specialist, we will replace all the components that are faulty and showing signs of wear.  This is a massive benefit to the environment.  Not only are you reducing the energy and carbon footprint involved in making another one, but also there is the problem of landfill. Decrease your carbon footprint by repairing where possible and keeping it local.

MacBook upgrades are cost effective and a lot greener than buying a new machine.

When you have your MacBook upgraded the difference in speed can make it feel like we have given you a brand new machine by mistake.  Changing your hard drive to a brand new SSD variety can result in a speed-up factor of ten times what your old hard drive is capable of.

When a Macbook requires a memory upgrade, the first the owner will often notice is their Macbook will suffer huge slowdowns making them believe that it is time to buy a new machine.  This is often not the case when a simple and affordable memory upgrade can banish the slowdown.  These two simple upgrades can unlock the massive potential of your machine.

Our MacBook Sales are Green too.

Do you want to buy a Macbook?  Do you have a particular one in mind?  You might find we have that Macbook for sale.  We sell used MacBooks and always have a well-serviced stock of as good as new machines.  All of our machines are freshly serviced and ready to go, complete with warranty to give you peace of mind.  Again, this saves on the environment.  By using a fully refurbished as good as new machine, you are lowering your carbon footprint.