Macbook Repair Bournemouth

Covering, Poole, Christchurch, Dorset, Mac Repair Bournemouth, offer Macbook, AIR, PRO, iMac and data recovery

Who are we?

Mac Repair Bournemouth, Sales, Servicing, Repair. Our technicians have been working in the IT and electronics industry for 30 years. We are highly trained and  educated holding a Bsc and Masters in media and technology related subjects. We are official geeks but friendly and approachable! A small but very busy operation offering a 6 day service per week.

Data Recovery

We offer a first class data recovery service. If you hard disk drive has crashed, been dropped, your ssd is kaput, we can probably get the data back. Please go to our data recovery page for prices and more information.

Our Services?

Looking for a reliable Mac repair specialist in Bournemouth? You don’t need to go far because you are already here! With years of experience and honed skills up our sleeves. You can be rest assured that your Mac will immediately be restored to its working condition. So why settle for anything less than what Mac Repair Bournemouth can offer?

Your investment, pride and joy.

Mac owners have one thing in common. They take great pride in having an elegant well designed product from the industry leader, Apple. The brand does not disappoint. Apple offer the very best software and hardware. A,ten year life is normal for their products.

But mishaps do happen, and when they do, Apple have their consumers covered with service and OE replacement parts. We can offer the same.

Screen replacement.

One of the biggest problems that mac owners experience is screen defects, cracks, liquid, its never cheap but we have the best prices in town.

Liquid / Water damage.

Have you spilled a can of sprite, water on your macbook? Perhaps tea?  Chances are we can save it. Macbook Airs have a very good “return from the dead” rate, Macbook Pro’s are not so good, but we have the parts and experieince to help you!


All electronic devices, no matter how durable they are, will actually overheat when overused, fans are blocked. That is why it is so important to stay within the recommended parameters when using the device.

Use on your lap or table. NOT on the quilt on a bed LOL’s. Macbook’s are not designed for this. The newer low voltage cpu models are ok as they are fan-less. But the oldies, be aware! We can clear vents, clear fluff, change thermal paste to restore the machine to its cooler stat!

Reinstalls, Apple Malware

Sometimes its easier just to reinstall the OS and start again. Its very rare to get a virus or malware on a Mac products, but they do exists. We personally, don’t use anti virus on our own machines but if you have a virus, we can clear it, reinstall the OS and put an antivirus software on for you.


If a mac product becomes slow, you can always speed it up by doubling the ram. Or putting an SSD (Solid State Drive) in. The data transfer speed will in crease by a factor of x 10. An incredible change for not a lot of money. Do ask us about this option. We have ram and SSD drives in stock.

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