Macbook Pro Repairs Bournemouth

Macbook Pro Repairs Bournemouth

Whether your MBP is a 13, 15 or 17 inch, classic, unibody or Retina display.

We can fix this for you. The Macbook Pro is the ultimate in portable creativity. Generally they are reliable but from time to time your cherished MBP will need a little TLC!

Problems or Issues you might be having with your MacBook Pro

  • If see a flashing grey folder icon with a question mark, a spinning coloured beachball disc for too long, or a totally blank white screen
  • Batteries have been known to swell up and warp the aluminium casing.
  • Unusual noises such as high-pitched tones, click clicking, mooing moaning sounds (its not well 🙁
  • Keyboard / suddenly trackpad stops working, or ‘loses’ letters when typing quickly.
  • LCD has patchy uneven brightness /and darker corners.
  • LCD has pink-lines active on the display, a scrambled screen or bent distorted graphics.
  • Intermittent shutdowns, shutting down when unplugged from the mains (even when battery fully charged).
  • Drops Wi-Fi signal suddenly.

And Emergency Damage?

Liquid spills – either hot or cold drinks spilled into keyboard.

Accidental knocks on objects, or dropping the machine on floor.

We can diagnose your problem free of charge and offer you a solution.

Macbook Pro Repairs Bournemouth

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