Macbook 12 Repair Bournemouth

macbook 12 repair bournemouthMac Repair 12 Repair Bournemouth. The classic Macbook 12. An icon. A great entry level Apple Mackintosh at an affordable price. No longer in production but still able to run modern software.

Issues you may be having with your MacBook 12

  • Shuts down suddenly and randomly.
  • Makes ticking knocking  or click sounds.
  • LCD display shows coloured lines when sometimes when booting up.
  • LCD display fails totally , or flickers intermittently
  • Makes a very high-pitched whining sound.
  • CD/DVD drive scratches or can not read data disks.
  • WiFi connection has a poor quality and keeps dropping out.
  • Glass Track-pad is totally unresponsive.
  • The infamous black screen of death.
  • Really slows down considerably when playing any video.


Symptoms may include: ‘ the flashing greay folder’ with (?) symbol; spinning ‘beach-ball’; all white screen.

Spills ?

Knocking a drink onto the Macbook 12 keyboard.

Dropping the machine – or something heavy onto the machine itself.